Terms and conditions

I aim to make your experience with buying my art an absolutely lovely one. If you have any questions about purchasing or would like to know more in depth about the terms and conditions as stated here, please contact me!


All copyright of the art on this website and on my social media lies with Tim Hupkes Art | Moonscape Arts. This means it’s illegal to reproduce my work and sell it.

Delivery and shipping

Please look at the specification of each individual artwork to see how long shipping may take and the cost thereof.

Return policy

Please contact me if there is damage done to your artwork during transport. Send me a few photos of the damage (of both the package and the painting) via tim@moonscapearts.com. Damage should be reported to me within 5 days of arrival of the painting.

Company information for International Payments

Tim Hupkes Art | Moonscape Arts
Chamber of Commerce: 24459267
VAT number: NL001832490B88
Bank IBAN: NL56 KNAB 0411 6373 12

If you transfer money from outside of the Netherlands you will also need the information of the intermediary bank:
ABN Amro
Address: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Returns and cancellations of customised and commissioned art

Because this art is specifically created to meet your personal wishes, commissions cannot be canceled after the order. It is also not possible to return the panting.

Returns and cancellations of non-customised and non-commissioned art

If you buy a painting from the online store and it does not meet your expectations, the art can be sent back within 14 days of receipt. It is your responsibility to ensure the art is returned in its original state without damage. Shipping costs will not be refunded. If there are any fees from financial companies (e.g. PayPal) these cannot be refunded either.


I will send your painting to you within 1-3 weeks. This is dependant on whether or not the artwork is large en thus need a wooden crate, which I will have to order first. If the artwork is small, I will ship within 1 week.
Please note: in case of a commission please allow up to 6 weeks before shipping! Also hold into account that shipping from The Netherlands to your place may take a while.

Privacy Policy

I use Google Analytics for tracking where my visitors are from. No personal data is gathered and Google specifically does NOT have my permission to collect your personal data. I myself only use your personal data to get my newsletter to you and/or make sure you can buy my art in the store.

Cookie policy

Please find more information on cookies under European law right here.

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